Paid Search Wizardry Episode V

Are LinkedIn Ads a good fit for you?


2/9/20232 min read

Linkedin logo in Lego
Linkedin logo in Lego

The Top Three Reasons to look at LinkedIn Ads again.

With Google struggling through Helpful Content Updates and Performance Max issues - aimed mostly at the general consumer, it’s time to look at LinkedIn Ads for B2B companiesIf you are B2B and you’ve not yet looked at LinkedIn Ads - then it’s an important market, even more so if your competitors haven’t made that step yet.

1. Using LinkedIn ads to build Brand Awareness.

This one is the easiest for Marketers to sell you on, but requires the investment of the businesses’ time as well as money. It’s not enough to have a flashy image and a few headlines about your company. You need to be able to go the extra mile, with either long form in-depth articles, helpful infographics, carousel images or a short video. The adverts need to show that you are outstanding in your industry, not just another company like the rest.

2. Using LinkedIn ads to broaden horizons.

If you are a business that sells a niche, technical product to niche, technical companies, it’s likely that you have relied on word-of-mouth marketing and an informed sales team to get that final contract nailed down. How do you then go beyond that niche and look for new opportunities? Rather than targeting a LinkedIn member’s current job, try targeting their interests instead. This engagement campaign should encourage comments, shares, and replies to a sponsored post. Reply to those replies and this should lead to organic follows, new content ideas and new markets for your business.

3. Using LinkedIn ads to launch a ‘new’ product.

How long has it been since your company did something new? Some companies launch a new product every few weeks, and some have core products that never change. Either way, your potential customers need to know what you provide and you might want to remind existing customers about your services. You can promote a product with images, videos, or even an online launch event with a LinkedIn event ad. Make it engaging and people will engage with it.This is only the top three - the applications for LinkedIn ads keeps growing. So are you interested in finding out more?

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