Mentoring & Reporting

Lego characters building a graph
Lego characters building a graph

The success of any advertising campaign needs measuring and evaluation. How else would you know that the Paid Media is the right fit?

There are platforms and online resources that will display your results data in pretty and responsive ways, but knowing which results are important to your business and when to act on them is important and that is where Red Wizard Digital can help. We can set up reports for you, your marketing team and to show your investors, showing them the results that matter.



Training and Mentoring

If you already have an internal marketing team but they are having issues getting to grips with the ever-changing world of Google Ads or the details of LinkedIn Ad campaigns, we offer training and mentorship.

Training allows you to take the weekly and monthly tasks of running Paid Media Ads. Either online or in-person sessions can be arranged and made bespoke to your account and your industry. It usually takes only 8 hours of coaching to bring someone up to speed on a platform's advertising best practices.

Mentoring is for more advanced users, and allows us to keep your marketing team in touch with the latest advertising possibilities and any new developments on both Google and LinkedIn.

Why handle it Internally?

Don't pay an agency a monthly retainer to just monitor your account when your internal team can do 95% of the management themselves with very little effort.

Your team already know your product and your services, so you save having to explain your business to an agency each year, to keep them abreast of your company's growth and development.

By keeping the bulk of the work internal, you'll be able to coordinate your Paid Media campaigns with promotions, social media and organic SEO, rather than trying to organise multiple external agencies and freelancers.


Unsplash_filetreed image of Google Ads
Unsplash_filetreed image of Google Ads

With just a short session we can set up a report either directly from Google Ads or via Google's Looker Studio.

This can be done easily as a seperate project just to assess the performance of your accounts and the impact they have.