AI Usage Policy 2024

This AI Usage Policy outlines the guidelines and procedures for the appropriate use of AI within our organisation. AI has become an integral part of digital business, and it is essential that all employees and clients with Red Wizard Digital understand their role in using these tools effectively and ethically.

This policy aims to ensure our responsible use of any AI tools and functions, to protect company data and networks, and maintain the trust, confidence and ethical integrity of our clients.

AI Scope

This policy applies to all employees, contractors, and any authorised third parties who have access to or use AI tools when working for or with our organisation. It covers the use of both internally developed AI tools and third-party AI tools used in the course of business operations.

AI Usage Acceptable Use

  • Use AI tools only for authorised business purposes and in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and company policies.

  • Ensure that AI tools are used with integrity, honesty, and in a manner that respects the rights and privacy of all individuals.

  • Safeguard and protect all company and client data, intellectual property, and confidential information when using AI tools.

  • Adhere to licensing agreements, copyright laws, and terms of service for third-party AI tools.

  • Report any suspected security breaches, misuse, or unauthorised access from AI tools to the appropriate authorities.

  • Use AI tools in a manner that aligns with ethical standards of our clients, fairness, and avoids biases or discrimination.

  • Ensure transparency and accountability in the use of AI tools, including clearly explaining to users the extent and limitations of AI-generated outputs.

Going Forward, this policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its effectiveness, relevance, and compliance with changing company standards, industry best practices, and legal requirements.