Managing Google Ads

Google is still the most popular Internet Search Engine in the UK, but advertising on Google and YouTube isn't straight forward. I can help you set realistic targets of what you want to achieve and show you how to plan your budget, measure your results and refine your campaigns to make that goal.

Reaching out

Let me know about your business, the industry and the competition. From that we can discuss what you want from a Paid Search Campaign and if it is right for you. Think about your time as well as your monthly budget and initial set up costs. Think about if you are trying to gain new customers or re-engage with previous customers. I can talk through all your options and I don't charge for the first video call.

How I work

Going In Depth

If we decide to work together, we'll either set up a new advertising account or sort out access to the existing account. We'll build an account structure that works for you and makes sense to Google Ads. We will talk about the pitfalls and problems that your campaign may have and ways to overcome them and then we will go through Advert copy, targeting and the best bidding strategies.


I can offer long term support, setting up reports and showing you where the campaigns can react to the new data on conversions, clicks and costs. How to improve Ad Copy and Assets and how often to make changes to get the most out of Google Ads.