Digital Marketing Wizardry Episode VII

A post about Customer Journeys


4/12/20231 min read

Lego Figure stands at a crossroads with a signpost
Lego Figure stands at a crossroads with a signpost

What do you know about your Customer’s Journey?

A question I often find myself asking clients and the only valid answer is “Not enough.” Frequently they are so happy that their customer has made it to the checkout and converted, they don’t take the time to ask how that sale arrived, never looking at the acquisition source, let alone the potential pathway through the website itself

Did they arrive from a search or PMax advert on Google? Did they visit last week before making the purchase today? Did they add a dozen items to the basket before buying just one?

While you may never get the whole picture for any one individual customer, you can get GA4 to track trends and touchpoints within your own website and even Google Ads’ most opaque attributions are becoming clearer with Data-driven conversions. It is worth making sure that you are aware of any acquisition channels that feed your website and the popular pathways within it so that they are preserved and you don’t accidentally remove your best conversion funnels by changing the URL of a page or pausing a Keyword.

If you want to know your customer journeys better, get in contact with me today and together we can take a look at the important information you may be overlooking.